Center for Community Excellence and Social Justice

Honoring human dignity through education and empowerment

Our Mission

The Center for Community Excellence and Social Justice (CCESJ) is a nonprofit corporation fostering theory, practice and empowerment for individuals, groups, and organizations, through publications, broadcasts, seminars/workshops, town meetings, and therapy. This organization address issues in the areas of public life, community service, individual and social responsibility.

Our Purpose

Helping to release and develop human possibilities is the mission of the Center for Community Excellence and Social Justice (CCESJ). At CCESJ we believe that each person has at least one gift or talent that he/she needs to discover and to perfect in order to fully reach his/her maximum potential and to make the maximum contribution to his/her community. Through CCESJ we deliver quality programs that provide structured, educational learning experiences to young people and adults within an urban setting. Within our first year CCESJ has served at least 150 youth and 50 families in a wide array of programs. Through this network, many persons who are low-income have been able to secure employment, even persons who have never before held jobs. CCESJ provides a unique collection of structured tutorial, cultural enrichment, educational enhancement employability skills enhancement programs, as well as psychotherapy through marriage and family, children's play, addiction, and grief therapy. The CCESJ staff understands that to help those who are in the greatest need we must meet them at their level and commit the necessary time and resources toward their development.

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