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Public Management

Public Management in a Multicultural Society

CCESJ is primed to take advantage of the expertise of its staff in the area of diversity, cultural competence, and multicultural ethics.  We have both scholars and practitioners in this field available to us for the purpose of analyzing, strategically planning, implementing and evaluating organizational transitions towards a multi-culturally competence status quo.. Our services for such interventions vary in length, and intensity.  As well, we feature both a micro and macro systemic approach to addressing the issue.  We work based on the assumption:

"Intolerance of diversity is a character trait to be managed, not a character flaw to be denied"  Marjorie Lewis D.Min, Ph.D (1995)

Our concepts relative to this discipline are available to interested parties under separate cover.  As well, our database, and newspaper provide statistical summaries relative to contemporary policy and community-based issues addressing diversity.

DateBase Management and Data Analysis

CCESJ boasts a capacity to provide data analysis based on the three criteria required for a comprehensive approach to collecting, assimilating, and evaluating psychological, sociological, economic, and other issues.  Our staff's credentials include certification in:

Policy analysis (M.Phil and Ph.D)
Social Work (MSW, LCSW), and
Public Administration (MPA)

Through our participation in professional organizations specializing in demographic, emphases, CCESJ is replete with statistical software packages that provide for psychometric, socio-metric and econometric analyses.  As well, CCESJ has academic and statistical capacities (expertise) in data gathering instruments to surveys, interview formatting and observational criteria.  Our research in this area demonstrates competence in the following three areas:

Structuring Unstructured Problems
Methodological Competence
Flexibility relative to methodological and substantive approach

Our database and newsletter provide statistical summaries to certain contemporary policy, as well as, community based issues.


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